5 things (#4th release)

  1. It’s been a while since last update so it’s time to wrap up the progress with meditation – I did meditate for half of the month at best (need to keep some calendar). So I can’t call it a habit. I did mediate only for 5 minutes, but it looks that it could be worth the time. I makes it me a more aware person for 1-2 next days so I need to do for longer period.
  2. I’ve picked up new podcast from James Altucher. Looks like it could be become one of my enjoyable shows. Only thing that I don’t like is that some ideas is repeated over and over. And it’s done using too many words. But apart from that is great.
  3. Episode 10 from James Altucher show gives an interesting perspective about flow state and how to hack it. How to unlock your flow state, how going into flow state can become an addiction and many other ideas. Also picking the Ep. 16 about economics for online dating.
  4. As always there’s some good and super gem episodes with useful information is found when listening to Tim Ferris show. This time I choose Ep. 102 with Wim Hof also known as Iceman, where he talks about his methods how to withstand extreme colds for long time and even reject toxins that injected into the body. He puts most emphasis on developing proper breathing technique. Also favorite pick is Ep. 106 with Scott Adams who is creator of famous Dilbert comics.
  5. This week I was also participating in Riga Rogaining which was super fun. Got we legs several times – especially interesting was part where we walked through cold swamp water for several minutes, it was getting a little uncomfortable at that moment. This and the next point was actually the hardest ones, otherwise was pretty smooth ride (mixed running with brisk walking and covered the largest distance if comparing to previous 6h rogaining events – almost 39 km). And got only 2 minutes earlier which also is pretty good timing.

5 things (#2 release)

  1. Week ago I finished Sigulda trail – 70 km race with 2300+m vertical elevation. It was though, but I kinda expected it so no big surprises here. My legs gave up after 20+km and had problems with stomach when finished 1st lap. I suspect that problems with stomach was due to some ingredients (probably too much sugars or similar) in sports drink. At start I drink water mixed with potassium + magnesium powder which gave no problems – at least in short run. In future will have to remind myself to rely on my own resources that are tested. Also did take 3 magnesium supplement shots (50 ml each if I remember correctly), but still got cramps in 2nd laps when needed to crawl over fallen trees. I guess more training is needed and that’s all.
  2. I really enjoyed podcast episode with Rick Rubin on Tim Ferris show. The podcast guest deep voice, interesting thoughts and the fact that the conversation took place in rather unusual place for podcasts made me really stick to this one.
  3. As the Brit Floyd show is coming to Riga in next month, I was curious to listen to their music and I say I really enjoy it. Their performance sound really close to original one except the fact that it isn’t. So I find very tempting to find some free time to actually go and listen to them live.
  4. Rather big portion of my life is taken by listening to podcasts, so I was very pleased to find this one episode on Smart Passive Income podcast. This one is different than others episodes for SPI podcast and it talked about brains, decision process, attachments to things and other people, information overflow etc.
  5. One thing that is related to previous pick is to learn to meditate. Actually I have several times started to do it, but it never lasted more than one or two days in a row. So I will set up a challenge for myself to do it for 21 days straight (some say that’s how long it takes to build a habit) to meditate at least 5 minutes a day and see how it goes from there.

5 things for September last week

  1. Next week in 1st October I’m gonna participate in a trail run in Sigulda. You can see the race homepage here. It’s 70 km race with elevation distance more than 2000 m. As we don’t have very high hills at all there’s a multiple up’s and down’s for several smaller hills (up to 100m eleveation or so) in each lap. Course is split in 2 laps (35km each). It’s the only race that I have been doing past 3 years in a row. I didn’t have so many training sessions as I would like to have so we’ll see how it goes on track.
  2. For last couple of week I have been researching and trying to stick to Low carb diet. My goal was to see if it improves my mental performance (no sugar low-high effects) and overall health. A great resource if you want to know more about this diet is dietdoctor.com web site, which has some basic info, but also very nice images about how many net carbs has products in different product groups like vegetables, nuts etc.
  3. As I finished listening to Tim Ferris podcast interview with Justin Boreta who is a founding member of The Glitch Mob, I checked out their music and find it very energizing. So when my willpower is depleted and I need to restart, I just listen to couple of songs. Special favorite of mine is Our demons song.
  4. Speaking of programming TypeScript 2.0 final release just landed. That means that I will need to spend some time to investigate the new features. I’ve been using the language in latest project for almost 2 years and I’m very satisfied with productivity gains that it brings along.
  5. One more thing that inspires me is TedEd video that is more than 10 years old actually, also I did see it just couple of weeks ago. Since then I have watched it like 3 times. So when you in doubt of watch you are doing it’s worth to consider to watch it. It’s called Why we do what we do by Tony Robbins.