5 things (2017 #51)

Interesting video about how food affects gut.
Blog post that explains what is Redux by building store from scratch.

5 things (2017 #50)

  1. Tim Ferris show episode with Walter Isaacson about his latest biography book about Leonardo Da Vinci and also his previous ones.
  2. James Altucher show episode Matt Mullenmeg who is the owner of company that is behind to most famous blog engine WordPress. He shares some interesting philosophies how to create company internal code.
  3. Introductory article for new web application bundler Parcel.
  4. Article that introduces new Node.js package manage named Turbo that is 5x faster than NPM and Yarn.
  5. Short video that gives 15 reasons to quit sugar.

5 things (2017 #47)

  1. Extensive post about how to safely reset passwords using JSON web tokens.
  2. Interesting video about raw versus cooked vegetables and enzymes.
  3. Interesting Tim Ferris show episode with Darren Aronofsky about film making, work life balance and procastination.
  4. Another excellent Tim Ferris show podcast episode with Maria Sharapova about mental performance, work life balance and what it takes to get to the top of the game.
  5. Blog post about interesting project that bring native performance to Electron.

5 things (2017 #46)

  1. Useful video with tips how to fix fatty liver.
  2. Curated list of Node.js best practices.
  3. Interesting blog post about how learning Redux can make you a better developer.
  4. Blog post about useful React patterns.
  5. James Altucher podcast episode with Tim Ferris about his latest book “Tools of Titans” and related topics.

5 things (2017 #44)

  1. Very detailed performance case study of improving performance using several advanced optimization techniques.
  2. Interesting video about the problem of food waste.
  3. A blog post that describes all the attributes that should and could be represent in HTML page <HEAD> tag.
  4. A blog post of useful tips how to stay healthy and work long productive hours as a programmer.
  5. Tim Ferris podcast episode where Cal Fussman interviews Larry kind about his life, preparing for interviews, failures and many other interesting things.

5 things (2017 #31)

  1. Article about 10 things that a serious JavaScript developer should know.
  2. Article that shows how to enhance CSS layout progressively using floats, flexbox and grid.
  3. Short TedEd animation video that explains how caffeine is working.
  4. A Tim Ferris podcast with Jerzy Gregorek about weight training, gymnastics and how hard choices make the way to easy life.
  5. A Tim Ferris podcast with Dr. Phil Zimbardo about his famous Standford Prison Experiment and how can people do less evil.

5 things (2017 #30)

  1. Tim Ferris show with John Crowley tells story how he started biotech company to save his kids that were having a rare disease sounds more like a movie that real life. Incredible.
  2. 16 tips for using SCSS.
  3. Extensive examination of slider component design.
  4. Checklist of best practices of Node.js apps in production.
  5. Long awaited week long vacation with family. We took a trip to Venstpils for 3 days and also enjoyed some leisure time in before and after.