5 things (2018 #8)

  1. Useful 12 rules for life to follow from Jordan Peterson.
  2. Short blog post about the upcoming promise.finally feature and ways to polyfill it.
  3. Blog post and video about 2 NPM packages that help deal with JavaScript code duplication.
  4. Interesting Joe Rogan podcast with Andy Stumpf.
  5. Short video about food that contain most potassium.

5 things (2017 #17)

  1. A video from NDC London 2017 named “Choosing a JavaScript Framework” by creator of Aurelia JS framework Rob Eisenberg just got my attention this week. There’s a neat comparison of 6 fronted JS frameworks/libraries: Angular JS, Angular, Aurelia, Polymer, React and Ember. Also his position is little biased, the features and issues and that he talks about are worth to at least consider when make decision what to use in the next project to come.
  2. A blog post and related video named “JavaScript Code Smells” from Elijah Manor nicely lays out several bad code patterns in JavaScript.
  3. Started to listen to new podcast about JS programming called “JavaScript Air”  and liked it. The very first episode is with creator of JS – Brendan Eich, which pretty much guarantees that the episode will be very enjoyable.
  4. TFS show episode with Chris Young about the lessons that can be learned from genius, tinkerers and billionaires.
  5. An article named “Why should we use pnpm?” talks about new Node.js package manager. It just another layer on top of standard npm, that uses only one copy of any package dependency that is used and creates a hard link to that package when used in node_modules. That way it save a disk space and improve the speed when the package is used in more than one place.

5 things (2017 #12)

  1. Article about ten habits of mentally strong people.
  2. Small, concise overview with interactive samples about EcmaScript 6 features
  3. Tim Ferris show episode number 161 with Sebastian Junger about war, journalism, writing and tribal societies.
  4. JavaScript Jabber podcast my story number 4 with creator of npm (Node Package Manager) registry site Isaac Schlueter.
  5. Video from vox.com about how to memorize learning material better, is this particular case is chapter from story.

5 things (2017 #11)

  1. This week I was reading more docs for my favorite code editor Visual Studio Code [  ]. And discovered 8 short videos about different topics related to start using Visual Studio Code.
  2. I was listening JavaScript Jabber podcast episode about immutable.js and found it very interesting. This looks like a very useful library to learn to get more on functional programming style bandwagon and also get some performance benefits in larger systems.
  3. As I was starting to drinking coffee sometimes at work I was wondering when it’s best time in the day to drink coffee and gets the most benefits. And it actually has been answered in several articles from which this one from Time magazine I liked the most.
  4. Small and interesting video from Vox.com Youtube channel about cheap vs expensive wine.
  5. Cool Node.js package Normit that allows to call google translate web page and translate the sentence from one language to other from command line.