5 things (2017 #31)

  1. Article about 10 things that a serious JavaScript developer should know.
  2. Article that shows how to enhance CSS layout progressively using floats, flexbox and grid.
  3. Short TedEd animation video that explains how caffeine is working.
  4. A Tim Ferris podcast with Jerzy Gregorek about weight training, gymnastics and how hard choices make the way to easy life.
  5. A Tim Ferris podcast with Dr. Phil Zimbardo about his famous Standford Prison Experiment and how can people do less evil.

5 things (2017 #28)

  1. Interesting Tim Ferris show episode with Adam Robinson about how to outsmart the competion.
  2. Short article that review 4 ways how to make HTTP requests in Node.js with pros and cons of each method.
  3. A detailed checklist for designing perfect accordion component.
  4. A set of best practices for JavaScript projects from Hive.
  5. Article about how async/await syntax can help to make code in Node.js easier and more fun to work with.

5 things (2017 #25)

  1. Video that explains best protein sources.
  2. Article about best practices for Node developers.
  3. Cool 3 article series with graphics about memory management.
  4. Tips and tricks how to use CSS Grid Layout as a container for elements.
  5. Interesting podcast with Adam Baldwin about how he got started in programming and specifically with JavaScript.

5 things (2017 #23)

  1. Article about different tips and tricks in using the FlexBox CSS layouts.
  2. Explanation of a human tendency to overestimate his capabilities. Also know as Lake Wobegon effect.
  3. Interesting short video about fat burning hormone and how eat when need to lose weight or gain weight.
  4. Hanselminutes podcast episode about how the HD remake of Age Of Empires 2 game made the way to daylight.
  5. Interesting Tim Ferris podcast episode with Dave Camarillo about fighting, self defence and benefits of cross-training.

5 things (2017 #22)

  1. Good article that explains when is the best time to drink a coffee to maximize its impact on cognitive functions.
  2. Short video that gives a 4 tips what to best do with your free time.
  3. Interesting video about the link of fasting and inflammation.
  4. Long and very interesting conversation with DHH on Tim Ferris podcast about racing, programming, state of flow, business, education and many other things.
  5. Very interesting Tim Ferris show podcast episode about the placebo.

5 things (2017 #21)

  1. Tim Ferris show podcast episode about how to learn anything faster []. Material beats method.
  2. The health model show podcast episode with dr. John Gray about the relationships between men and women. A ton of useful information about how to better handle relationships from both sides. What is single most needed thing for women? What to do if men is angry? What role the hormones play?
  3. A short video with 20 health related tips.
  4. A interesting summary video about the lessons learned after reading 134 books.
  5. At last the outdoor swimming season was opened on last Sunday. The water is just fine, should have done it earlier.