5 things (2017 #10)

  1. Interesting article about Captha. It explains the mechanisms behind the system, it’s pros and cons, struggles with ever going fight with hackers. Well written.
  2. Cool TED video about how do fast paced games affect brain. Based on scientific research it looks like these type of video games can help us learn, focus and better multitasking. I was discovered for myself some time ago that fast paced video games gets some adrenaline in the system and therefore I can focus better after. Especially if I’m getting little sleepy.
  3. Useful site cheatography.com that contains cheats sheets for all kind of purposes, like programming, learning languages, history etc.
  4. Bulletproof Radio podcast episode about fasting with Dr. Jason Fund and Jimmy Moore was very interesting to me. The key takeaway from this episode that fasting mechanism can be thought like a muscle – you need to increase fasting periods gradually and listen to you body reaction. This week I tried fasting for 24 hours, but failed. After 18 hours my body was starting getting cold, but with no apparent reason. The only explanation that I have is that metabolism was slowing down. This fasting also includes morning run to workplace so glycogen reserves could be depleted more rapidly. But I actually feel ok when fasting for 16 hours, so I guess I just need to have more patience to get to longer fasts.
  5. I almost finished the Asynchronous Progamming with Javascript course on edx.org. Overall it looks ok, learned some new things: the Fetch API and generators. Also I couldn’t say that I really learned generators to extent that I can debug them on paper – the flow although sync feels somewhat harder to follow than promises. Pros: practical labs and questions after each module. Cons: the labs aren’t auto graded tasks (need to record the video and submit the link), so I skipped this part.

5 things (7#th release)

  1. TFS podcast episodes #125 and #128 with Derek Sivers are full of gems. A must read is his blog entries about directives which is compilations of most important things that he learned from books in very compact format. Just the essence.
  2. Finished first 10 interviews from How I Built This podcast. I found them very enjoyable – I like the format and also the length (only about 30 minutes). But best of all is content. So many successes, but each of them is a little different in some way.
  3. 15 and more years a go I wasted many hours playing games. And one of favorites of mine was StarCraft. Recently I found this clip on Youtube with music from original StarCraft. And sometimes I like to listen to it in background. Especially the Terran theme.
  4. A TED video with Derk Sivers about importance of failure in learning. Most important point that I get out if this presentation is fixed vs growth mindset. How 3 words can make a huge difference. When you say to someone that you are talented at something then you frame a fixed mindset for the person. And when you say to someone that you are proud that he/she put a lot of effort into something that pushes the person to have a growth mindset. And this is huge with kids – fixed mindset how limits, but growth mindset don’t.
  5. After a long pause I have started yet another course from Coursera. It’s called Learning how to learn. The title of the course says clearly what’s the course about. I only have finished first week, but it so far it looks interesting. Most of the ideas was already known, but shown from different perspective. Like a diffuse learning mode concept, which explains why some solutions comes to you when are not actively thinking about the problem, like going for a walk or taking a shower.