5 things (2018 #3)

Small and useful videos that explain insulin functions and  how to determine blood sugar level yourself .
Podcast episode with Mark Sisson about keto reset diet and how to become metabolically flexible.
Article that describes how to use Redis as distributed and fault tolerant database with YugaByte.

5 things (2018 #2)

  1. A short video that explains 3 important habits to improve in 2018. Go sleep by 10pm, limit internet + meditation, exercise.
  2. JIMP – An image processing library written entirely in JavaScript for Node, with zero external or native dependencies.
  3. A list of flexbox guides on MDN.
  4. Interesting Waking Up podcast episode with Dan Carlin about the war on terror and related topics.
  5. Started to listen to Serial podcast which told a story about murder investigation and the questions that hasn’t been properly addressed.

5 things (2018 #01)

  1. A large list of diet book overview with key points, what is allowed, what is forbidden. Very useful if you need t o get a brief overview of many diets in small time.
  2. James Altucher show episode with Tim Kennedy about his service in special forces.
  3. JavaScript Jabber podcast episode with Tyler Renelle about Machine Learning and JavaScript.
  4. Interesting article about the world first known cyber attack that happened 2 centuries ago in France.
  5. A list of best 100 pens from codepen.io site.

5 things (2017 #49)

Two useful videos about intermittent fasting: 5 tricks to better to do IF and the benefits of IF.
James Altucher episode with Tony Robbins about how to be fulfilled. Key phrases: Don’t ask how, instead ask why. Trade your expectations for appreciations, life it to short to suffer.
Another great James Altucher show episode with Yuval Noah Harari about the future, what is stories, why homo sapiens defeated other competing races and much more.
An extensive tutorial/page that shows the modern JavaScript topics with simple and detailed explanations.
Detailed article about how to build accessible menu systems.

5 things (2017 #43)

  1. The blog post that describes several useful features of Chrome Developer Tools. Like changing CSS properties using keyboard with various increment steps. Or using advanced filter for console output display.
  2. I stumbled upon a very lightweight CSS framework Bulma that could be a decent alternative to Bootstrap.
  3. Blog post that describes several libraries that Paypal has open sourced. It mostly is about the dealing with problems with cross domain requests.
  4. James Altucher podcast episode with Rick Cohen about why the Rolling Stones is such a successful band. How to remain the same but different.
  5. A blog post that tell how the Slack.com website was redesigned.

5 things (2017 #40)

  1. An Art Of Charm podcast episode with Scott Adams about persuasion, hypnosis, why possibly Donald Trump win the elections and more.
  2. Really enjoyed listening to  Art Of Charm podcast episode with Shaquille O’Neal. It discusses various careers that Shaq was pursuing in his life, the importance of having a group of close people that can influence your decisions in a good way and more.
  3. It’s been almost 2 months (not sure how about the exact day count), that I have been taking only cold shower in morning. As we progress more in autumn the cold shower has been getting colder and colder, but I think I will continue to do it for the rest of my life as there’s is some possible health benefits and it’s definitely a big mood lifter. Here’s a video from YouTube that shows 30 days cold shower experiment.
  4. An interesting article about how modern Node.js modules should look like.
  5. Very useful article about how to minimize CSS rending blocking by splitting your CSS into critical and non critical parts and loading only critical CSS part at first.

5 things (2017 #39)

  1. An extensive list of options that show how to deal with check boxes in web interfaces.
  2. Very short 5 examples about how to use React.
  3. An article about blind programmer and his methods for dealing with disability regards working as an software developer.
  4. An article about recent medical research experiment that suggest that body fat metabolism have some health benefits in detoxing the body.
  5. An interesting Found My Fitness podcast episode with Satchin Panda about time restricted feeding and it’s effect on health.