5 things (2017 # 8)

  1. Interesting article that explains how important is the teaching method not the underlying subject to be tought. Basically it boils to growth mindset vs fixed mindset, but the article has some concrete points like focus on finding joy of knowing that the people can learn the subject, rather than the joy of just getting a high mark.
  2. Tim Ferris show episode number 151 with Caroline Paul which was one of the first firefighters in San Francisco. The main idea is how to overcome your fear. Fear is one of the things how we assess the real world situations, but we can’t give it too much priority, because otherwise we can become paralyzed.
  3. Hanselminutes podcast episode number 556 with Amir Rajan about being polyglot programmer. Is this a good idea and how to tackle it best?
  4. The 3 years old article from Times Magazine about saturated fats and how they were demonized in last century 70’s. Nowadays we see the heart related diseases statistics keeps growing and getting worse and worse. And one the biggest problems is that we switched from fat to carbohydrates as the main source of energy which in longer term negatively impacts our metabolism and creates a whole range of modern human diseases.
  5. Another interesting Tim Ferris show episode with Joshua Skenes how is the chef and owner of Saison (3 Michelin star rated restaurant in San Francisco). Most interesting part to me was he’s idea how important is to appreciate the food that we take for granted and live in harmony with nature.

5 things (2017 #4)

  1. JavaScript Jabber show  episode number 232 about Gun Db  design and application. But more of discussion was about databases as such and several interesting topics like CAP theorem ], graph databases and other interesting stuff.
  2. Frugal fun for boys and girls is interesting site full of ideas how to teach your kids in engaging and entertaining ways. Will definitely take some ideas to try out.
  3. JavaScript Jabber show 238 was very interesting podcast about intellectual property and forensics. It did took a look from more engineering rather than legal standpoint, so I really enjoyed it.
  4. James Altucher show episode 58 is interesting episode about perseverance. The interviewee is USA astronaut how applied for job in NASA 15 times before get accepted. The main takeaway is that you don’t need to be super genius to get a dream job. It just takes hard job and grit to achieve anything that you dream about.
  5. Funny picture that tries to answer one question: What if?. The answers provided is for different programming languages and each is characterized by that language main strengths and philosophy.