5 things (2017 #44)

  1. Very detailed performance case study of improving performance using several advanced optimization techniques.
  2. Interesting video about the problem of food waste.
  3. A blog post that describes all the attributes that should and could be represent in HTML page <HEAD> tag.
  4. A blog post of useful tips how to stay healthy and work long productive hours as a programmer.
  5. Tim Ferris podcast episode where Cal Fussman interviews Larry kind about his life, preparing for interviews, failures and many other interesting things.

5 things (2017 #22)

  1. Good article that explains when is the best time to drink a coffee to maximize its impact on cognitive functions.
  2. Short video that gives a 4 tips what to best do with your free time.
  3. Interesting video about the link of fasting and inflammation.
  4. Long and very interesting conversation with DHH on Tim Ferris podcast about racing, programming, state of flow, business, education and many other things.
  5. Very interesting Tim Ferris show podcast episode about the placebo.