5 things (2017 #34)

  1. Short and very useful video that show one man and 6 photographs capture his photo, but each using different story. Really shows how biased human being are.
  2. Interesting video about how people view food marketing claims and how the claims are misleading.
  3. Interesting Tim Ferris podcast episode with Rhonda Patrick about best practices for fasting, cold/heat exposure benefits and 4 tips to get 80% health using 20% time.
  4. 8 advanced tips for using CSS.
  5. Extensive comparison React vs Angular programming stacks

5 things (2017 #14)

  1. Useful article full of tips how to better organize your work day and focus on quality not quantity.
  2. Comparison of most popular front-end library/framework command line interface (CLI) tools, like rendering speed, page size etc.
  3. Very cool .NET Rocks podcast episode with John Skeet about Stackoverflow, Noda Time library and Google Cloud Platform.
  4. Angular documentation is pretty nice. And the architecture guide gives a general overview on the overall concepts not diving straight into the details (which there’s plenty to learn it all).
  5. Cool video from ASAP Science Youtube channel about different food lethal doses.

5 things (2017 #13)

  1. I’ve been using AngularJs for around 3 years in some projects. As Angular 2 landed a stable version some months ago I thought that it’s good time to start to learn some Angular 2. The official tutorial provides with some basics of CRUD application with routing and http service, also touches some more advanced concepts like Observables.
  2. Nice Powershell command that show memory used by process =>  (Get-Process code | Measure-Object WorkingSet -sum).sum / 1GB. This concrete example measures memory used by Visual Studio Code.
  3. Nice video that explains some common myths of low carb diets.
  4. Article about 10 bad habits that must be eliminated from your life.
  5. Packt publishing gives away one of their books for free every day.

5 things (2017 #3)

  1. A bunch of very interesting episodes from Tim Ferris. Episode 136 is QA session with Naval Ravikant where he gives away his 2 main tips: a) Teach yourself how to be happy b) Learn to make (good) and break (bad) habits, do it at least every 6 months. Episode 138 is full of gems from Seth Godin – he talks about how he manages his life using principles. Episode 139 is with Walter O’Brien (aka Scorpion) – explaining why super smart people have a hard time getting along with other people, IQ vs EQ, speculations on human head transplant future and fun stories from experience doing challenging tasks.
  2. As I listened to Tim Ferris show episode 135 with Luis von Ahn about building companies and education I found out this latest project Duolingo. I started to use Duolingo and picked up Spanish language to give it a try.
  3. Listened to JavaScript Jabber episode 231 where they talk about Code wars. Code wars is a site where one can solve tasks using different programming languages and earn ranks (similar to martial arts ranks).
  4. When learning more about philosophy using Angular components I found an article series on veselion.io blog. The article series explains concepts related to Angular components like Angular as a tree of components, communication between components, architecture and testing practices.
  5. We have had a more than week of snow and it’s not melting yet. It’s nice and white outside, and not very cold.

5 things (2017 #2)

  1. SPI podcast episode number 125 with Shawn Stevenson about how to be better mentally focused. Especially valuable was information about good sleep habits, like sleeping without electronics and in total darkness. I also checked out his podcast and looks like I will need to squeeze some episodes into my podcast list as I’m reading the episode titles.
  2. Another SPI podcast episode number 140 with Hal Elrod about morning routines and how he came back from totally crashing his body in car accident. But key takeaway from this episode is 5 minute rule: If you can’t change the situation, then you need to accept it. And it’s ok to be sad or worried for 5 minutes if the event is really disturbing. And another podcast to check out from episode podcast guest.
  3. Started to used Angular components for existing application written in Angular and found them super useful. They are basically the same as directives, but much simpler syntax and sane defaults makes much easier to work with components rather than directives in most situations (except rare cases where advanced DOM manipulation or similar things is needed). Also it makes easier to migrate application to Angular 2 in future.
  4. Finished the Coursera course “Learning how to learn“. I actually find new useful information for myself about the learning process, like focus on the process not product to beat the procrastination.
  5. Compilation of 12 most re-tweeted programming quotes for Programming Wisdom twitter account.

5 things (#3 release)

Another week has passed so it’s time for 5 things that made my week.

  1. This week I was participating in rogaining of Jelgava which was taking place near city of Jelgava near the Svete parish. It was quite interesting and quite different rogaining if comparing to other that I have taken part of. This was mine (and also ours) 4th rogaining event and previous races was taking place in more urban areas. This time we had to walk (a jog occasionally) in woods and meadows, which made orientiering much more difficult (but also more fun). We vanguished slighly less km (almost 30 km) which we can accomodate during the lighter terrain, but I still think we cover pretty much as we can by mostly just walking. Our planning could be better (as always), but the good news is that we didn’t get stuck totally and was taking optimal routes around 80-90% of time.
  2. Eyes opening podcast and also TedEx presentation about Power of vulnerability. Themes covered was: shame vs guilt, word courage explanation, I am enough definition and so much more. Will need to listen once more to the podcast episode after some time to get some more thought out of it. To be courage one must be vulnerable first. Not afraid to stand in front of crowd basically naked. Also liked TFS episodes with Naval Ravikant (mediation practices, huge list of books and just lot of gems) and  Jane McGonigal (depression, curing depression with game playing) 
  3. In our current job we are still using Angular 1.x, but it’s good to know about what happening in new Angular 2 that is declared as finally released. I found a small article about what things already can be used in application to make future migrations easier. These are tips and tricks to make the application more ideologically closer to Angular 2.x style while still living in Angular 1.x world. Some of these tips are just good practices that aren’t even related to Angular development at all (like favoring immutable operations).
  4. Interesting article on possible causes of inflammation is one that evoke most interest in health related things for me this week. Most of the tips was already known to me, but is still a good list to come and read every now and then. Related to health section: I’m not sticking to strict keto diet any more (even eating some grains and beans), but I find that my energy levels are best when limiting carbs to lesser amount (haven’t measured, but I guess up to 20% of all energy intake). I just feel more alert and better.
  5. I stuck on some entertaining video from BuzzFeeVideo about eating out sushi at 3 drastically different price points (from 3$ to $250) and sharing their experiences. It’s only a little over 7 minutes, but it’s so fun to watch.