5 things (2017 #44)

  1. Very detailed performance case study of improving performance using several advanced optimization techniques.
  2. Interesting video about the problem of food waste.
  3. A blog post that describes all the attributes that should and could be represent in HTML page <HEAD> tag.
  4. A blog post of useful tips how to stay healthy and work long productive hours as a programmer.
  5. Tim Ferris podcast episode where Cal Fussman interviews Larry kind about his life, preparing for interviews, failures and many other interesting things.

5 things (2017 #43)

  1. The blog post that describes several useful features of Chrome Developer Tools. Like changing CSS properties using keyboard with various increment steps. Or using advanced filter for console output display.
  2. I stumbled upon a very lightweight CSS framework Bulma that could be a decent alternative to Bootstrap.
  3. Blog post that describes several libraries that Paypal has open sourced. It mostly is about the dealing with problems with cross domain requests.
  4. James Altucher podcast episode with Rick Cohen about why the Rolling Stones is such a successful band. How to remain the same but different.
  5. A blog post that tell how the Slack.com website was redesigned.

5 things (2017 #42)

  1. HackerNews clone created using React and GraphQL stack.
  2. Nice article how to create serverless function using Node.js and AWS Lambda.
  3. James Altucher podcast episode with Tony Hawk about his career as a skater and entrepreneur.
  4. Another fun James Altucher podcast episode with Maria Konnikova about con artists and tactics they use to get desired results.
  5. Very interesting Joe Rogan podcast episode with Gary Taubes about good calories and bad calories.

5 things (2017 #41)

  1. Article about new JSON logger Roarr! that supports decoupled transports and configuration is done using only environment variables.
  2. Started to listen to new podcast Waking Up from Sam Harris that covers the themes such as  moral philosophy, religion, meditation practice, human violence, rationality.
  3. Good blog post from Jason Fang about when how to eat – basically when to eat and when not to eat.
  4. I’ve watched to John Papa’s PluralSight course “AngularJS patters: Clean Code” that covers topics how to better organize your app and best practices to achieve better maintainability in the long run.
  5. James Altucher podcast episode with Turney Duff about wall-street and how did he left the wall street, get rid off drugs etc.

5 things (2017 #40)

  1. An Art Of Charm podcast episode with Scott Adams about persuasion, hypnosis, why possibly Donald Trump win the elections and more.
  2. Really enjoyed listening to  Art Of Charm podcast episode with Shaquille O’Neal. It discusses various careers that Shaq was pursuing in his life, the importance of having a group of close people that can influence your decisions in a good way and more.
  3. It’s been almost 2 months (not sure how about the exact day count), that I have been taking only cold shower in morning. As we progress more in autumn the cold shower has been getting colder and colder, but I think I will continue to do it for the rest of my life as there’s is some possible health benefits and it’s definitely a big mood lifter. Here’s a video from YouTube that shows 30 days cold shower experiment.
  4. An interesting article about how modern Node.js modules should look like.
  5. Very useful article about how to minimize CSS rending blocking by splitting your CSS into critical and non critical parts and loading only critical CSS part at first.