5 things (2017 #35)

  1. Responsive flexbox grid library
  2. James Altucher podcast episode with Jim Kwik about brain optimization, productivity, speed reading, memorization etc.
  3. JavaScript Jabber episode about reusable components in React and JavaScript in general.
  4. Very interesting blog of Scott Young about productivity and learning experiments (like teaching yourself all 4 year MIT courses in one year).
  5. Nice short overview all the fundamental concepts in React.

5 things (2017 #34)

  1. Short and very useful video that show one man and 6 photographs capture his photo, but each using different story. Really shows how biased human being are.
  2. Interesting video about how people view food marketing claims and how the claims are misleading.
  3. Interesting Tim Ferris podcast episode with Rhonda Patrick about best practices for fasting, cold/heat exposure benefits and 4 tips to get 80% health using 20% time.
  4. 8 advanced tips for using CSS.
  5. Extensive comparison React vs Angular programming stacks

5 things (2017 #32)

  1. Shoelace – pure CSS alternative to bootstrap.
  2. Vuestic – Free Vue.Js admin dashboard UI with custom elements and styles.
  3. Online code editor for React and Angular.
  4. A collection of funny and tricky examples in JavaScript.
  5. Nice article about how to not use some of the features of JavaScript and why. For the sole purpose to make the code better.