5 things (2017 #31)

  1. Article about 10 things that a serious JavaScript developer should know.
  2. Article that shows how to enhance CSS layout progressively using floats, flexbox and grid.
  3. Short TedEd animation video that explains how caffeine is working.
  4. A Tim Ferris podcast with Jerzy Gregorek about weight training, gymnastics and how hard choices make the way to easy life.
  5. A Tim Ferris podcast with Dr. Phil Zimbardo about his famous Standford Prison Experiment and how can people do less evil.

5 things (2017 #30)

  1. Tim Ferris show with John Crowley tells story how he started biotech company to save his kids that were having a rare disease sounds more like a movie that real life. Incredible.
  2. 16 tips for using SCSS.
  3. Extensive examination of slider component design.
  4. Checklist of best practices of Node.js apps in production.
  5. Long awaited week long vacation with family. We took a trip to Venstpils for 3 days and also enjoyed some leisure time in before and after.

5 things (2017 #29)

  1. Short video about the best timing when to eat carbohydrates.
  2. Extensive examination about designing perfect date time picker.
  3. A collection of self check exercises and quizzes for web developers.
  4. This Tim Ferris interview with Mr. Money Mustache was even better than I expected. The one totally new thing to pick up from this is to make a way for kid to earn some money: in this case it was paying for each mile driven by bicycle. And even cooler is that if the option to earn some interest on money if not withdrawing it immediately.
  5. I enjoyed the James Altucher show episode with Stephen Dubner about his book “When to rob a bank”.

5 things (2017 #28)

  1. Interesting Tim Ferris show episode with Adam Robinson about how to outsmart the competion.
  2. Short article that review 4 ways how to make HTTP requests in Node.js with pros and cons of each method.
  3. A detailed checklist for designing perfect accordion component.
  4. A set of best practices for JavaScript projects from Hive.
  5. Article about how async/await syntax can help to make code in Node.js easier and more fun to work with.

5 things (2017 #27)

  1. Short and concise article about ES 6 Sets.
  2. Article about set of tools that helps with refactoring large codebases called CodeMods.
  3. A new TypeScript 2.4 version description in official blog.
  4. James Altucher show podcast episode with Jairek Robbins that shares many tips from his journey of life.
  5. Tim Ferris show episode with AJ Jacobs about his many life experiments like living a year by the instructions of bible.