5 things (2017 #26)

  1. A James Altucher show podcast episode with Tim Larkin was an interesting one. It talks about self defence and how martial arts is very different from street fighting/self defence in their objectives.
  2. Great article that talks about the perceived performance and the illusion of speed.
  3. Extensive guide for mastering different aspect of CSS.
  4. React Express is a concise overview for Express app built with React consisting of small samples.
  5. This week I was having a little longer weekend than usual due to midsummer holiday on 23th of June. It’s so good to take a longer time away from computer and just to more in nature and spend more time with closest people in your life.

5 things (2017 #25)

  1. Video that explains best protein sources.
  2. Article about best practices for Node developers.
  3. Cool 3 article series with graphics about memory management.
  4. Tips and tricks how to use CSS Grid Layout as a container for elements.
  5. Interesting podcast with Adam Baldwin about how he got started in programming and specifically with JavaScript.

5 things (2017 #24)

  1. The article that compares adoption speed of Flow and TypeScript.
  2. Tim Ferris show compilation episode about mediation has several extracts from previous episodes that focuses mostly on meditation practice and related aspects.
  3. A nice surprise in French Open women tournament.

5 things (2017 #23)

  1. Article about different tips and tricks in using the FlexBox CSS layouts.
  2. Explanation of a human tendency to overestimate his capabilities. Also know as Lake Wobegon effect.
  3. Interesting short video about fat burning hormone and how eat when need to lose weight or gain weight.
  4. Hanselminutes podcast episode about how the HD remake of Age Of Empires 2 game made the way to daylight.
  5. Interesting Tim Ferris podcast episode with Dave Camarillo about fighting, self defence and benefits of cross-training.