5 things (2017 #13)

  1. I’ve been using AngularJs for around 3 years in some projects. As Angular 2 landed a stable version some months ago I thought that it’s good time to start to learn some Angular 2. The official tutorial provides with some basics of CRUD application with routing and http service, also touches some more advanced concepts like Observables.
  2. Nice Powershell command that show memory used by process =>  (Get-Process code | Measure-Object WorkingSet -sum).sum / 1GB. This concrete example measures memory used by Visual Studio Code.
  3. Nice video that explains some common myths of low carb diets.
  4. Article about 10 bad habits that must be eliminated from your life.
  5. Packt publishing gives away one of their books for free every day.

5 things (2017 #12)

  1. Article about ten habits of mentally strong people.
  2. Small, concise overview with interactive samples about EcmaScript 6 features
  3. Tim Ferris show episode number 161 with Sebastian Junger about war, journalism, writing and tribal societies.
  4. JavaScript Jabber podcast my story number 4 with creator of npm (Node Package Manager) registry site Isaac Schlueter.
  5. Video from vox.com about how to memorize learning material better, is this particular case is chapter from story.

5 things (2017 #11)

  1. This week I was reading more docs for my favorite code editor Visual Studio Code [  ]. And discovered 8 short videos about different topics related to start using Visual Studio Code.
  2. I was listening JavaScript Jabber podcast episode about immutable.js and found it very interesting. This looks like a very useful library to learn to get more on functional programming style bandwagon and also get some performance benefits in larger systems.
  3. As I was starting to drinking coffee sometimes at work I was wondering when it’s best time in the day to drink coffee and gets the most benefits. And it actually has been answered in several articles from which this one from Time magazine I liked the most.
  4. Small and interesting video from Vox.com Youtube channel about cheap vs expensive wine.
  5. Cool Node.js package Normit that allows to call google translate web page and translate the sentence from one language to other from command line.

5 things (2017 #10)

  1. Interesting article about Captha. It explains the mechanisms behind the system, it’s pros and cons, struggles with ever going fight with hackers. Well written.
  2. Cool TED video about how do fast paced games affect brain. Based on scientific research it looks like these type of video games can help us learn, focus and better multitasking. I was discovered for myself some time ago that fast paced video games gets some adrenaline in the system and therefore I can focus better after. Especially if I’m getting little sleepy.
  3. Useful site cheatography.com that contains cheats sheets for all kind of purposes, like programming, learning languages, history etc.
  4. Bulletproof Radio podcast episode about fasting with Dr. Jason Fund and Jimmy Moore was very interesting to me. The key takeaway from this episode that fasting mechanism can be thought like a muscle – you need to increase fasting periods gradually and listen to you body reaction. This week I tried fasting for 24 hours, but failed. After 18 hours my body was starting getting cold, but with no apparent reason. The only explanation that I have is that metabolism was slowing down. This fasting also includes morning run to workplace so glycogen reserves could be depleted more rapidly. But I actually feel ok when fasting for 16 hours, so I guess I just need to have more patience to get to longer fasts.
  5. I almost finished the Asynchronous Progamming with Javascript course on edx.org. Overall it looks ok, learned some new things: the Fetch API and generators. Also I couldn’t say that I really learned generators to extent that I can debug them on paper – the flow although sync feels somewhat harder to follow than promises. Pros: practical labs and questions after each module. Cons: the labs aren’t auto graded tasks (need to record the video and submit the link), so I skipped this part.