5 things (2017 #9)

  1. Interesting article about the working experience by one of the former employees at Uber. It’s a reminder that not all cool companies has everything in check regarding the normal human interactions and focusing only on tech side is not always the right choice. At the end of the day the software company is about the people.
  2. Very short and informative article about EcmaScript 6 Maps data structure. No fluff and clear, small, concise examples.
  3. Tim Ferris show episode number 157 with Mike Rowe who is best known for his TV series on Discovery Channel called “Dirty jobs”. The key takeaway from this episode is that is more important to pursue opportunity than passion. It may very well be that you have a side hobby or passion, but then decide to turn the passion into full time job. It not always turns out so well as you may think at the start.
  4. An episode number 124 from Angular Adventures about how to get from senior developer from junior developer. The episode contains information what it means to be a senior or junior developer, interview process for developer with different experience levels.
  5. This week I started to go to bed earlier as one small step in direction to improve my sleep habits. Instead of going to bed at 23 or later, I now try to hit 22 o’clock. I wake up at 5.30, sometimes even at 4.30 which is little bit early, but its kinda too late to go back to sleep if I want to wake up earlier. Overall it looks that going to bed earlier gives more quality sleep hours and therefore I can sleep less hours in total and have the same energy levels. Will need to stick to this schedule for a while to see if its really so or not.

5 things (2017 # 8)

  1. Interesting article that explains how important is the teaching method not the underlying subject to be tought. Basically it boils to growth mindset vs fixed mindset, but the article has some concrete points like focus on finding joy of knowing that the people can learn the subject, rather than the joy of just getting a high mark.
  2. Tim Ferris show episode number 151 with Caroline Paul which was one of the first firefighters in San Francisco. The main idea is how to overcome your fear. Fear is one of the things how we assess the real world situations, but we can’t give it too much priority, because otherwise we can become paralyzed.
  3. Hanselminutes podcast episode number 556 with Amir Rajan about being polyglot programmer. Is this a good idea and how to tackle it best?
  4. The 3 years old article from Times Magazine about saturated fats and how they were demonized in last century 70’s. Nowadays we see the heart related diseases statistics keeps growing and getting worse and worse. And one the biggest problems is that we switched from fat to carbohydrates as the main source of energy which in longer term negatively impacts our metabolism and creates a whole range of modern human diseases.
  5. Another interesting Tim Ferris show episode with Joshua Skenes how is the chef and owner of Saison (3 Michelin star rated restaurant in San Francisco). Most interesting part to me was he’s idea how important is to appreciate the food that we take for granted and live in harmony with nature.

5 things (2017 #7)

  1. James Altucher show episode 75 with Jay Jay French (guitarist and manager from Twisted sister band) about his struggles in career.
  2. James Altucher show episode 73 with Adam Grant about giving and taking. He divides all people into 3 broad categories: givers, takers and matchers. And most important question: Is giving a zero-sum game?
  3. Started new course on edx.org about JavaScript – Asynchronous Progamming with JavaScript. I wanted to know more about native JavaScript promises and generators so this looks a good option to learn these concepts using more hands on approach.
  4. It’s been approx. one month ago that I started learning spanish with Duolingo. I skipped 1 or 2 days (now 18 day streak as of this writing). Best thing for me is that it takes small amount of time (10-20 minutes a day) and I can still get something new learned every day. But I also understand that I won’t make an expert in Spanish language.
  5. Found new interesting site with cool recipes Clean and Delicious. Already tried a recipe for immunity boosting chocolate drink and it’s great (and what’s important healthy).

5 things (2017 #6)

  1. Short movie that explain in very approachable way why people get fat as result insulin resistance which is triggered by rapid sugar releases.
  2. Interesting episode number 49 from “2 keto dudes” podcast about how one the podcast hosts Carl Franklin helped this friend convert to keto lifestyle. And small video/gif that show how obesity rates is changed around the world from 1975 to 2014.
  3. Started to listen to “The model health show” podcast [] and found some the content very useful. The host gives many useful tips how to improve your lifestyle by making small changes in many areas of life, like nutrition, exercise, sleep etc. 3 part podcast episodes about sleeping habits is just pure gold in terms of useful information. I’ve update my curtains to ones that makes room much darker and try to go bed early. Will see how it goes.
  4. Short article that states that addiction to Facebook and Twitter is similar to addiction to slot machines. Quote from article: “Our brains respond to what psychologists call intermittent variable rewards: If we don’t know what we’re going to get, we keep coming back. This is what fuels popular smartphone apps as well as habits like gambling.”
  5. Cool video that shows how 1000 musicians perform Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spirit” song in perfect sync.