5 things (2017 #2)

  1. SPI podcast episode number 125 with Shawn Stevenson about how to be better mentally focused. Especially valuable was information about good sleep habits, like sleeping without electronics and in total darkness. I also checked out his podcast and looks like I will need to squeeze some episodes into my podcast list as I’m reading the episode titles.
  2. Another SPI podcast episode number 140 with Hal Elrod about morning routines and how he came back from totally crashing his body in car accident. But key takeaway from this episode is 5 minute rule: If you can’t change the situation, then you need to accept it. And it’s ok to be sad or worried for 5 minutes if the event is really disturbing. And another podcast to check out from episode podcast guest.
  3. Started to used Angular components for existing application written in Angular and found them super useful. They are basically the same as directives, but much simpler syntax and sane defaults makes much easier to work with components rather than directives in most situations (except rare cases where advanced DOM manipulation or similar things is needed). Also it makes easier to migrate application to Angular 2 in future.
  4. Finished the Coursera course “Learning how to learn“. I actually find new useful information for myself about the learning process, like focus on the process not product to beat the procrastination.
  5. Compilation of 12 most re-tweeted programming quotes for Programming Wisdom twitter account.

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