5 things (2017 #1)

  1. James Altucher show where the host talks with Wendy Simmons about life in North Korea. No big surprises regarding how people live in North Korea, but gives some food of thought about the liberties that we have and not always are thinking what would happen if we lost them altogether.
  2. The Man From The Earth movie that talks about the man who lived for 14 000 years. It’s a totally different shot for a Sci-Fi movie – all action is taking place in one room, people just sitting around and talking. A real storytelling masterpiece in my opinion. And a fresh look to everyday things and thinking.
  3. Funny cartoon “How to save princess in 8 programming languages“.
  4. A collection of most popular links from JavaScript daily newsletter.
  5. Spend more time with family in holidays.

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