5 things (#6th release)

  1. New podcast from NPR How I built this is about entrepreneurs and their stories how they built a business. I have listened to couple of episodes and it looks promising, so currently will keep in my list of podcasts that I listen to regularly.
  2. School of Greatness podcast with Kyle Maynard about how to live your life with no excuses. I found his ideas very inspiring and it certainly leaves less room for excuses in my life and one more great episode from with Lissa Rankin about how you can heal your self with power of mind. Special remark goes to part where she talks about how the placebo effect really works. And how important is truly believe in what you are doing.
  3. Tim Ferris show about magic of mindfulness. Special kudos goes to 21 days no complain experiment. Will need to try this on myself.
  4. This week I tried intermittent fasting for 24 hours. I also run 2x times for 7km. And didn’t feel more or less exhausted than other times. It just felt good to give a little break to my stomach. This time I started from 20 o’clock in Wednesday evening and lasted for 24 hours. Need to experiment with different intervals (longer and shorter) and also different start times (like eat only breakfast for example).
  5. Saturday evening was party in work and it was dedicated to games. We were having arcade games (like old Sega driving machine with wheel and clutch), then some action games (table soccer, air hockey), more modern games (Kinect games on TV) and mind control game (need to concentrate the mind on one thought). I was trying the mind control game for the first time and it was a very interesting experience. First time I managed to complete the game in 90 seconds (by focusing of deep breath), 2nd I tried to count 1,2,3 and that’s all. And 2nd time I completed it in about 35 seconds. It’s possible that this techniques could also help with meditation practice which I’m constantly struggling with.

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