5 things (#4th release)

  1. It’s been a while since last update so it’s time to wrap up the progress with meditation – I did meditate for half of the month at best (need to keep some calendar). So I can’t call it a habit. I did mediate only for 5 minutes, but it looks that it could be worth the time. I makes it me a more aware person for 1-2 next days so I need to do for longer period.
  2. I’ve picked up new podcast from James Altucher. Looks like it could be become one of my enjoyable shows. Only thing that I don’t like is that some ideas is repeated over and over. And it’s done using too many words. But apart from that is great.
  3. Episode 10 from James Altucher show gives an interesting perspective about flow state and how to hack it. How to unlock your flow state, how going into flow state can become an addiction and many other ideas. Also picking the Ep. 16 about economics for online dating.
  4. As always there’s some good and super gem episodes with useful information is found when listening to Tim Ferris show. This time I choose Ep. 102 with Wim Hof also known as Iceman, where he talks about his methods how to withstand extreme colds for long time and even reject toxins that injected into the body. He puts most emphasis on developing proper breathing technique. Also favorite pick is Ep. 106 with Scott Adams who is creator of famous Dilbert comics.
  5. This week I was also participating in Riga Rogaining which was super fun. Got we legs several times – especially interesting was part where we walked through cold swamp water for several minutes, it was getting a little uncomfortable at that moment. This and the next point was actually the hardest ones, otherwise was pretty smooth ride (mixed running with brisk walking and covered the largest distance if comparing to previous 6h rogaining events – almost 39 km). And got only 2 minutes earlier which also is pretty good timing.

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