5 things (#3 release)

Another week has passed so it’s time for 5 things that made my week.

  1. This week I was participating in rogaining of Jelgava which was taking place near city of Jelgava near the Svete parish. It was quite interesting and quite different rogaining if comparing to other that I have taken part of. This was mine (and also ours) 4th rogaining event and previous races was taking place in more urban areas. This time we had to walk (a jog occasionally) in woods and meadows, which made orientiering much more difficult (but also more fun). We vanguished slighly less km (almost 30 km) which we can accomodate during the lighter terrain, but I still think we cover pretty much as we can by mostly just walking. Our planning could be better (as always), but the good news is that we didn’t get stuck totally and was taking optimal routes around 80-90% of time.
  2. Eyes opening podcast and also TedEx presentation about Power of vulnerability. Themes covered was: shame vs guilt, word courage explanation, I am enough definition and so much more. Will need to listen once more to the podcast episode after some time to get some more thought out of it. To be courage one must be vulnerable first. Not afraid to stand in front of crowd basically naked. Also liked TFS episodes with Naval Ravikant (mediation practices, huge list of books and just lot of gems) and  Jane McGonigal (depression, curing depression with game playing) 
  3. In our current job we are still using Angular 1.x, but it’s good to know about what happening in new Angular 2 that is declared as finally released. I found a small article about what things already can be used in application to make future migrations easier. These are tips and tricks to make the application more ideologically closer to Angular 2.x style while still living in Angular 1.x world. Some of these tips are just good practices that aren’t even related to Angular development at all (like favoring immutable operations).
  4. Interesting article on possible causes of inflammation is one that evoke most interest in health related things for me this week. Most of the tips was already known to me, but is still a good list to come and read every now and then. Related to health section: I’m not sticking to strict keto diet any more (even eating some grains and beans), but I find that my energy levels are best when limiting carbs to lesser amount (haven’t measured, but I guess up to 20% of all energy intake). I just feel more alert and better.
  5. I stuck on some entertaining video from BuzzFeeVideo about eating out sushi at 3 drastically different price points (from 3$ to $250) and sharing their experiences. It’s only a little over 7 minutes, but it’s so fun to watch.

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