5 things (2018 #13)

  1. Article with useful Google Chrome tips.
  2. James Altucher podcast with Floyd Lendis on how to live after you exposed doping usage in US cycling.
  3. A list of 20 Node.js modules that everyone using Node.js need to know about.
  4. Jason Fang article about how to control your body’s fat thermostat.
  5. A collection of short Vue.js video tutorials.

5 things (2018 #12)

Introductory blog post about how to write powerful schemas for JSON data.
Series of blog post of elegant patterns in JavaScript.

5 things (2018 #11)

  1. Interesting Tim Ferris show podcast with Terry Crews about his life and relationships. Quote:  Everything that is at your grasp, shouldnt be in your hand.
  2. Short video about what is insulin and what role it plays.
  3. Interesting blog post about how to use Node.js environment variables.
  4. Nice Node.js courses from node.university site.
  5. Old but very nice blog post that explains JavaScript promises.

5 things (2018 #10)

  1. Description of interesting study results that shows that serotonin improves perseverance.
  2. Interesting Tim Ferris show episode with Tim Urban about finding the happiness and dealing with procrastination.
  3. Deep dive article about optimize loading third party JavaScript.
  4. Blog article that describes what are different front end build tools needed for.
  5. State of Vue.js presentation from Vue.js conference.

5 things (2018 #9)

  1. A list of very short and useful examples for CSS.
  2. Extensive blog post with techniques how to make search faster from Troy Hunt.
  3. Blog post about creating effective indexing strategy in MongoDb.
  4. Short video about key foods on Keto diet.
  5. Started listen to Hidden Brain podcast and found some interesting things how our brains work.

5 things (2018 #8)

  1. Useful 12 rules for life to follow from Jordan Peterson.
  2. Short blog post about the upcoming promise.finally feature and ways to polyfill it.
  3. Blog post and video about 2 NPM packages that help deal with JavaScript code duplication.
  4. Interesting Joe Rogan podcast with Andy Stumpf.
  5. Short video about food that contain most potassium.

5 things (2018 #7)

  1. Interesting Joe Rogan podcast with Kris Kresser about healthcare system, gut microbiom, gluten sensitivity, keto and much more.
  2. All of the episode of Obesity Code podcast is very well made and informative. Can’t recommend enough!
  3. Interesting video that shows people reaction during the fire alarm. Fire alarm is not enough to save lives.
  4. Short video with excelent advice from Jocko Willink about how smash the day when you don’t feel like it. Never give a rest day today if you feel like you need one!
  5. Interesting article about JS promises that are neutral enough.